There is more then one way to Print

So why not starting with the best printer in the market

Everthing is Modular

Our Printer was designed from the beginning to be modular, easy and customizable. Simply plug your desired RPD for every task needed: Plastic printing, Rubber printing, Miling and much more.

An Open Source Platform

We thought about your freedom of creativity from the beginning and created fully open source platfrom. We share our plans and goals allowing you to take part with us in the development, designing and support.

Working Non-Stop

Our product passed years of QA tested with verity of materials to ensure high durability.
If that is not enough each of our RPD comes with lifetime warranty.

Modern & Clean Application

you will be able to print almost anything, with simple and yet power set of functions.

Everthing already set

We already made for you presets in advance, allowing you to print with any material in just few clicks.

We support them all

No matter what 3D software you're using or what kind of file you choose to work with,
we already support it!

Everybody can use it

Enjoy the simplicity of our software, we took the most complex systems and designed them to be simple and natural.

Ready to get started?

  • Home kit
  • For your family
  • $950
    • RPD-X3 Printing head
    • Ann-E Printer
    • 2x500g Plastic matirial
  • Pre-Order Now
  • Maker's kit
  • For your studio
  • $1300
    • RPD-X3 Printing head
    • RPD-X2 Printing head
    • Ann-E Printer
    • 2x500g Plastic matirial
    • 2x500g Rubber matirial
  • Pre-Order Now
  • Pro's kit
  • For your company
  • $2200
    • RPD-MX Printing head
    • SPiKE-X3
    • SPiKE-X2
    • SPiKE-X175
    • Ann-E2 Printer
    • 2x500g Plastic matirial
  • Pre-Order Now

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